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Presentation of better hygiene at IHF 58th Congress 6-8 June, 2018 Lyon

IHF (Ingenieuers Hospitaliers de France) congress will be organized already for the 58th time. It's one of the key congress world wide where health care specialists and professionals are gathering together for better design and methods for future hospital methods of hygienic waste and soiled linen transfer technogy.

The congress has various topics including educational and technical presentations for Health Care. The waste and soiled linen is the biggest material flow which is generated inside the hospital.

The latest and advanced technologies can be used to transfer the dirty and risky waste and soiled linen material out from the wards in 10 -15 seconds. The target is to keep the hospital odor free, minimizing the infection risks and generate operational savings.

The presentation of the topic will be held by Mr. Stéphane Lucas, Directeur Général EVAC France

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